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Our Company
CP HOME DESIGN INC. is an interior/exterior design and construction company located in Irvine, California. We are a company that is dedicated to serve our clients in designing, remodeling and rebuilding their living and working space.
We treat every client as our family member, and thus we always work our best to realize clients’ ideas about their living and working space as much as possible through our creative designs.
As what we would do for our family members, we also implement the policy from day one to share with our clients the excellent partnership we’ve built with our suppliers, which means a more transparent and competitive quoting procedure for our clients.
Above all, many years of experience in the field of construction guarantees the gold-standard quality control and project management.
Our Team
Our team consists of award-winning designers, seasoned project managers, meticulous construction professionals, ready-to-help customer services, and responsible executives.
This team has been working together for many years, and this is because all members share the same principle of always being reliable to the clients.
Working as a team allows us to improve efficiency and thus help our clients save from unnecessary costs. Besides, the collaborating working environment makes everyone in the team strive to achieve the same goal and share the same level of happiness and the sense of accomplishment once a project is perfectly done.